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GHG Emissions Reduction 

In order to reduce the GHG emissions associated with the operations, AMHK has adopted few sustainability initiatives. Adoption of Carbon footprint in a Hospital can definitely enhance its green image across the society and reduction in carbon emissions is synonymous with reduced its energy costs. Hospital recently have saved significant costs and achieved efficiency targets through implementing following activities.

1 Using of double burner incinerator for burning hazardous waste
2 Complete prevention of open burning
3 Planting trees & plants
4 Space planting
5 Promotion of indoor plants
6 Use of Echo friendly & energy saving inverter type AC & Refrigerator
7 CFL & florescent lights are Replaced with Energy serving LED lights
8 Architectural modification of building to utilize sun light & air
9 Sensor water tap (sensation tap)
10 Replacing florescent lights in the Phototherapy unit with LED bulbs
11 Strict rule on the use of AC at 260 C in all places within the hospital
12 Declared as polythene free zone in 2016
13 Replacing polythene cover with paper bags for dispensing medicine
14 Providing Lunch & refreshment with bio degradable packing
15 Prohibition of plastic water bottle within hospital premises
16 Use glasses & filtered water for drinking
17 Use of metamizer for selected hazardous wastes
18 Dental RVG x-ray replacing routine x-ray film
19 Replacing AMALGAM with COMPOSIT for filling teeth at dental unit


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