excellence in helath care

Welcome to the offical website of Ashraff Memorial Hospital Kalmunai. We continue to offer the report in a hard format as well as digital format and invite you to click on the icons and learn more about Ashraff Memorial Hospital, Kalmunai, one of the island’s leading government health-care organizations in future.
Health-care systems across the world are also experiencing significant change. Every year our knowledge about health and how to treat injury and illness increases; every year new clinical treatments are introduced; and every year priorities are re-examined to ensure health care providers are responding to a challenging fiscal environment for health care while addressing the needs of the population.
So what does the future hold for Ashraff Memorial Hospital, Kalmunai? That is something we are talking a lot about these days.
At Ashraff Memorial Hospital, Kalmunai we care for the sickest community, and are deeply committed to finding better ways to treat and heal them. We also know that addressing health challenges today will contribute to a healthier society tomorrow.
So Ashraff Memorial Hospital, Kalmunai is establishing our long-term priorities with a focus on how best to continue to play a leadership role in the health-care system, not just on our own needs. For that purpose, we have launched productivity programmes to build the future of Ashraff Memorial Hospital, Kalmunai.
The productivity project is a significant undertaking which focuses on our future strategy, and the development of an efficient, evidence-based and flexible solution to our physical and technology-infrastructure requirements, considered within the context of the health system of the future – always with a focus on what is best for our clients.
As we shape our future, Ashraff Memorial Hospital, Kalmunai will no doubt continue to be one of the leading Base hospitals in the Kalmunai region, thanks to our dedicated staff and our many supporters, including government and corporate and private donors.
The dedication of everyone at Ashraff Memorial Hospital, Kalmunai has enabled us to achieve so much and we know the organization is in good developing path.
As a Medical Superintendent, there is much to look forward to as Ashraff Memorial Hospital, Kalmunai moves forward in thinking about the optimal health care system of the future for healthier community and a better island in the world.
Finally, I would like to thank all of our staff. Without their dedication and hard work over the past year, we would not have been able to provide the quality of services that we have. They remain our greatest strength and I am confident that by working together as one team, we can meet the challenges ahead and continue to provide the care that our patients deserve from us.

Medical Superintendent,
Ashraff Memorial Hospital,Kalmunai.